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Bits and pieces July 2014

Well July is near the end and I can honestly say that the last few months having been exceedingly good for us. I know I should be posting here with updates of what’s been happening more often and can only apologise for not achieving what I intended to do. I do have tremendous respect for the likes of Paul Kinder who keeps up virtually on a daily basis with updates on Bowiewonderworld. I have met so many more fans of David Bowie in the last few months at various shows and especially the Derby convention and they really are wonderful. We made a welcome return to Huntingdon Hall theatre which was the first theatre we played a few years ago now which hopefully we will be playing again later 2015. I have noticed recently an influx of video footage of us at various venues on Facebook and Youtube and a couple of clips we like will be uploaded on the webpage soon along with updated photos and more news etc.

For whatever reason Lancashire has been really good for us with shows in Preston, Bolton and further across the west coast to Blackpool. The 53 Degrees show we played in 2013 stood out as one of my favourites and a return there in June this year confirmed for us that it really works for us. Unfortunately it looks like the venue will finish at the end of this year and turned into training class rooms due to the high costs to sustain it as a music venue which I am really sad about. Bolton, Moses gate was another great night for us. Our next visit to the West is not until Jan 2015 with a return show at the Citadel in St Helens. Paul x

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