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Bits and pieces Oct 2013

Well we have had a fantastic time performing shows all over and especially over the west of the country during 2013.

Firstly Mockfest in Manchester was a blast to play to 4000 in attendance and then more recently the Citadel in St Helens which we will be back again in early 2015 and also Moses Gate in Bolton. We are also looking forward to returning to the 53 Degrees in Preston June 2014.

As many of you are aware, Dan our keyboard player played his last show with us at Mockfest and is moving on to other projects. Dan has had a wonderful time with us and we keep in touch with each other on a regular basis and we wish him all the very best for the future.

Steve Beeston has now firmly found his place replacing Dan on keyboards and enjoying every moment of it.

We made a return to the Willow Festival in Peterborough on a lovely hot July summers evening to a rapturous crowd. This is the only show that we planned to play in our home town for 2013.

On Sept 13th the day before I escaped the country for a relaxing holiday, we made a return to the Corn Exchange theatre in Stamford. Once again the audience were fantastic. Thankyou to you all and must also say a big thanks to Steve and Jackie for travelling up for this show from Southend to do a wonderful job on the mixing desk.

Not forgetting to say a big thanks to everyone at the private bookings which we have done this year, including the Bowienetters Ball in London.

There are many of you asking when we will be playing venues close to where ever you live. For 2014 we aim to get to some new areas of the Country as well as returning to other areas. Many requests for the North east and South of England especially, which we are now trying to fulfill for next year.

Well, with the release of David’s album this year -The Next Day, we will soon be playing maybe a couple of tracks from it in some of our shows. I can’t say which ones yet, but Valentines Day and The Stars Are Out Tonight are strong possibilities. We would have already been playing new tracks prior but have spent alot of time rehearsing with Steve our new keyboard player on all the current material in our set, approx 35 tracks so far which I am really pleased to say has gone exceptionally well.

Looking forward to seeing you in the next two weeks at the Musician in Leicester and The Square in Harlow

Paul x

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