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Legends Of Rock, (Vauxhall Holiday Park) Great Yarmouth 09/03/12

This was one event we were really looking forward to long before arriving there. Sponsored by Planet Rock with many of the UK’s top rock tribute bands (as well as a handful of original acts) playing there over three days in front of over 1200 people each night. People had travelled from all parts of the Uk and beyond to be in attendance.
This must be one of the best organised events that I have ever been to considering the time slots and set up time between the artists performing.
We played on the Friday evening and must say I was a little nervous beforehand knowing I would be playing to many heavy metal fans as well as those who generally liked their rock/glam rock music.
It felt like something magical happened on the stage that evening and we could do no wrong for the 1hr 20 min set we played.
Audience feedback blew me away by the time we finished our second number. The atmosphere was electric with many people right up to the front of the stage really enjoying themselves. We could not have wished for anymore that night.
The rest of the guys stayed for a while to catch a couple of acts, before heading back home, while Mark, Tracey and me stayed overnight and grabbed maybe 4hrs sleep. Was it worth it?
! You bet your life it was!
Great to see some really good acts that followed later that night till after 3 in the morning I believe. This is one event I recommend for any real music fan who likes their rock music. Thanks to all of you for the support you gave us and all the wonderful comments from everyone I met afterwards.

On a different note, just gotta say we have had many requests for particular songs that we have not added in the shows yet, but I can assure you all this is taken on board and we will continue to work on new material. So there will be many a surprise in the near future.

Best wishes
Paul x

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