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Southend 27/1/12

It was a great welcoming return to the Palace theatre in Southend.
Fantastic ticket sales with a few walk ups as well.
Quite a few of the audience members who were there last time commented
on how the show had improved, some with the choice of material we
played and the stage show itself.
Great to hear plenty of positive feedback reference the sound. We’ve
got Jon to thank for that!
Really pleased to meet quite a few audience members afterwards and
saying they look forward to next time.
Many thanks to all of you who were there for making it a great night
for us.

What I did do was read up on the venue itself and discovered that, it
is apparently the second most haunted theatre in the country. The only
scare I got was when one of my acoustic guitars decided not to function
during the soundcheck. However’ I am open minded to it.

Well being as it was David’s 65th Birthday recently. It was a pleasure
to be asked to submit some recordings for the Ramoana internet radio
show plus a Birthday message for David. I did a couple of David’s songs
and submitted one of my own recordings. It’s always nice to hear one of
your own compositions played on the radio. For those of you who are
hardcore fans, you would love this show, as Ramoana tends to play more
obscure and live tracks from Bowie’s vast repertoire. Check it out at
It’s usually broadcast on Tuesday 7pm to 10pm UK time and repeated
Thursday and Friday evenings. I highly recommend it if you want hear
classic lalbum and live tracks you never hear on National radio.

I have had many people asking when are we playing somewhere nearby
We are hoping to cover more areas in the UK and more so in the near
future, especially areas that we have not covered yet.
This is currently all work in progress and I can only say – please
keep checking the gig list.

Best wishes

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