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The Brewhouse theatre Taunton – Willow festival Peterborough – The Square Harlow

Many thanks to all of you that attended the Brewhouse theatre. Just as before, the staff could not do enough for us, for which we are truly grateful

Once again there were many lovely comments form audience members after the show. Quite a few of you were asking if we will be playing in Bristol and Weston Super Mare soon. All I can say is that we plan to get to many new venues in the near future and the Southwest is well on the agenda. All I can say is please keep checking the website for 2013 shows that will be added over the next few months.

The Willow festival made a triumphant return to the embankment in Peterborough and the weather was perfect for the 3 day event. This is the largest free festival in the whole country and was very well attended. With 120 bands and artists with two main stages outdoor and 4 smaller stages in giant marquees made this a place for all music fans.

We were billed as the last act on the main stage on the Sunday evening (final night) and have got to say we were knocked back by the size of the audience that had stayed to see us. The 40 minutes were playing seemed to be over within no time at all. What was a really nice touch was that Mark Ringer (the event organiser) came on stage when we finished what we thought was our last number to a rapturous crowd to thank everyone and then we were asked for one last final number. Many thanks to all of you in Peterborough and from around the Country for supporting this event and to those of you for the wonderful support you gave us.

The Square in Harlow is where we did a double set of material from the Ziggy Stardust era to commemorate the 40th anniversary of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars album. New songs like Star, Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide and Drive In Saturday were added to this particular show. This is a stand up venue that rocked and I have to say I loved every minute of it.

Thanks to Baz and everyone who worked there that night for helping to make it real success. Also after the show, there were many great mixed tunes blasting out from the sound system. Too many to mention! Thanks to all of you there who came to support us and making it a wonderful night.

Best wishes


The Diamond – Sutton in Ashfield (near Mansfield) 20/04/2012


A great live music venue that has played host to many names in the music business over the years.

It was lovely to have a nice welcome back from the venue staff when we arrived there late afternoon.

This was the first show in at least three years to include an acoustic version of the Bewlay Brothers with Dan accompanying me on keyboards this went down really well, especially with the hardcore Bowie fans in the audience.

I have gotta say a big thanks to James who had travelled down to celebrate his birthday with around 30 of his friends who were well up for coming to see us. Great to see so many dressed up in glamrock gear. I seem to recall plenty of feather boas scattered around the place later that night. I found myself wearing a brightly coloured feather boa which someone had thrown to me during the Thin White Duke phase of the set which stood out like a sore thumb against the black and white garb I was wearing. Again we really enjoyed the night and have to say a big thanks to everyone who came to see us and to the staff who were eager to catch as much of the show that they could.

Paul x

Bits and pieces


I am still  reading the incredible book by Kevin Cann “The London Years”. This for me is the most informative book I have ever read on David Bowie and I have read many including some really good ones. Guess I must be a slow reader but there is so much detailed information in it. Kevin worked incredibly hard with his research to add all the in depth detail in this amazing book. This is a must for any Bowie fan.


Recently I attended the first Bowie convention in many years at Bedford Esquires. Lovely to meet up again with old friends, many that I have not seen for years. Though I was not billed as a performer I was asked if I would make a guest appearance on a song, which of course I could not refuse. The event was a real blast,  enjoyable and some good artists performed there. I have been informed that this will be repeated on a much bigger scale at some point in the near future so I will keep you updated.


Great news to see that 40 years on, there is now a plaque commemorating the release of Ziggy Stardust. The plaque that now has it's place above number 23 Heddon Street is exactly the same spot where David was photographed for the iconic Ziggy Stardust album sleeve. The street seems hardly recognisable from the famous photo shot by Brian Ward in 1972. The road that once was there is now all paved and bustling with cafes and bars. I remember visiting Heddon street way back in 1982 when there had hardly been any changes. I was pleased to see that Woody Woodmansey and Trevor Bolder were there for the unveiling and interviewed afterwards. For me it should been Woody and Trevor that unveiled the plaque. Although the area has vastly been improved I will miss the way it was when I first saw it – nostalgia! well that's a good enough reason for me.


Zizzi – (formerly the Three Tuns & Rat and Parrot) Beckenham 19/04/2012

For those of you who don’t know the history of this venue, it was where David formed the Arts Lab back in late 68 with all different types of artists appearing, poets, bands, folk singers, mime groups etc would play there on a Sunday night. David would experiment with his new material he was writing at the time (material that would surface on the 2nd David Bowie album (Space Oddity) and The Man Who Sold The World.

So for me it was exciting to be playing there again although it is now an Italian Restaurant, whose owners wanted a David Bowie night there. All the décor and tables have images or song titles of David’s songs throughout his career.

Most importantly is the living legend plaque that now has its place on the wall outside the front of the building which was unveiled in 2002 where I was honoured to be asked to perform there on the day.

In a lot of ways it is a similar kind of thing as the Cavern was for the Beatles. So 10 years on it was great to see it had sold out for us.

It was lovely to catch up again with Mark and Linda Pritchett. Mark worked with David until late 1973 where he gave his last performance with David at the 1980 Floor show at the Marquee in London back in 1973. David gave Mark a 12string Hagstrom guitar which he used during the Space Oddity period. In 2002 when I last played there, Mark very kindly brought it along for me to use as well as joining me on guitar for a couple of tracks.

I will add more detail and photos about the unveiling of the Plaque later.

Well’ we all had a wonderful night there and cannot thank the staff enough for their wonderful hospitality. It was lovely to hear from so many people afterwards saying they really enjoyed themselves and looking forward to seeing us there again in the near future.

Paul x

Legends Of Rock, (Vauxhall Holiday Park) Great Yarmouth 09/03/12

This was one event we were really looking forward to long before arriving there. Sponsored by Planet Rock with many of the UK’s top rock tribute bands (as well as a handful of original acts) playing there over three days in front of over 1200 people each night. People had travelled from all parts of the Uk and beyond to be in attendance.
This must be one of the best organised events that I have ever been to considering the time slots and set up time between the artists performing.
We played on the Friday evening and must say I was a little nervous beforehand knowing I would be playing to many heavy metal fans as well as those who generally liked their rock/glam rock music.
It felt like something magical happened on the stage that evening and we could do no wrong for the 1hr 20 min set we played.
Audience feedback blew me away by the time we finished our second number. The atmosphere was electric with many people right up to the front of the stage really enjoying themselves. We could not have wished for anymore that night.
The rest of the guys stayed for a while to catch a couple of acts, before heading back home, while Mark, Tracey and me stayed overnight and grabbed maybe 4hrs sleep. Was it worth it?
! You bet your life it was!
Great to see some really good acts that followed later that night till after 3 in the morning I believe. This is one event I recommend for any real music fan who likes their rock music. Thanks to all of you for the support you gave us and all the wonderful comments from everyone I met afterwards.

On a different note, just gotta say we have had many requests for particular songs that we have not added in the shows yet, but I can assure you all this is taken on board and we will continue to work on new material. So there will be many a surprise in the near future.

Best wishes
Paul x

The Mechanics, Burnley 02/03/12

The first time for us performing at the Mechanics Theatre certainly did not disappoint and
I have gotta say a big thanks to all the theatre staff for their help and hospitality.
This was the first show where they projected our image onto a big screen behind us throughout the performance which made the stage look even bigger than it was. It was quite easy to get lost amongst the vast amount of corridors until we slowly got used to the layout of the place. It’s a wonderful old building that has been graced with many legendary names from the early 20th century to present day.
For some reason every time we head North up the A1 we always end up stopping at Blyth services, where you certainly attack the bank balance for a sandwich and coffee.
Audience participation was not short in supply for this show. We thoroughly enjoyed playing the two set show with the audience up dancing and giving plenty of feedback between the songs. Great to hear them singing back at me during an impromptu solo performance of Kooks. Good to see that Paul and Nick who were at the Bedford convention were also in attendance and it was lovely to meet people after the show as well. Many thanks to you all for making the Burnley show such a wonderful night for us.

Bowie convention, Bedford 25/02/12

At first I was not sure if I would be able to attend this convention and as it was the first one for many years, I really wanted to go. Luckily plans had worked out well and it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and meet new people.
Live music and videos were shown throughout the day and everyone had a really good time. I was very impressed with a young girl called Funmi who did a wonderful cover of David’s song ‘Can You Hear Me’ from the ‘Young Americans’ album. She sang it beautifully with a really soulful voice and had only a guitar as backing.
It was good to see Lipstick Torpedo play a set of glamrock favourites again and to be invited onstage for a cover of the Velvets ‘White Light, White Heat’ (Bowie style of course). Last time I saw them was when we were on the same bill about 9 years ago. Finally, myself and the other performers shared vocals on ‘All The Young Dudes’ to finish the evening off.
It was really nice chatting to the many people I already knew there and to be introduced to many more.

Southend 27/1/12

It was a great welcoming return to the Palace theatre in Southend.
Fantastic ticket sales with a few walk ups as well.
Quite a few of the audience members who were there last time commented
on how the show had improved, some with the choice of material we
played and the stage show itself.
Great to hear plenty of positive feedback reference the sound. We’ve
got Jon to thank for that!
Really pleased to meet quite a few audience members afterwards and
saying they look forward to next time.
Many thanks to all of you who were there for making it a great night
for us.

What I did do was read up on the venue itself and discovered that, it
is apparently the second most haunted theatre in the country. The only
scare I got was when one of my acoustic guitars decided not to function
during the soundcheck. However’ I am open minded to it.

Well being as it was David’s 65th Birthday recently. It was a pleasure
to be asked to submit some recordings for the Ramoana internet radio
show plus a Birthday message for David. I did a couple of David’s songs
and submitted one of my own recordings. It’s always nice to hear one of
your own compositions played on the radio. For those of you who are
hardcore fans, you would love this show, as Ramoana tends to play more
obscure and live tracks from Bowie’s vast repertoire. Check it out at
It’s usually broadcast on Tuesday 7pm to 10pm UK time and repeated
Thursday and Friday evenings. I highly recommend it if you want hear
classic lalbum and live tracks you never hear on National radio.

I have had many people asking when are we playing somewhere nearby
We are hoping to cover more areas in the UK and more so in the near
future, especially areas that we have not covered yet.
This is currently all work in progress and I can only say – please
keep checking the gig list.

Best wishes

Stamford Corn Exchange 9/9/11

This is the shortest trip we have had to take to a theatre show, as it’s only a 15 minute drive, so we felt really refreshed whilst going through the sound checks in the late afternoon.
Stamford is a lovely, romantic old town that has never been spoilt by modern day architecture and the old theatre itself had a wonderful kind of vibe to it.
The theatre staff were very welcoming and wonderful to work with. I can’t believe what amazing work has gone in to the re-modernising of this building and the staffing of the theatre, all done by volunteers, incredible!
The audience were fantastic and behind us from the start of the show.
It was great to see many audience members coming up to the front and really enjoying themselves. There were quite a few familiar faces from Peterborough giving their support which we really appreciated, as well as the many new faces we were pleased to welcome.
As some of you will know, we have been finishing our encore numbers with Rebel Rebel and this was one occasion where I felt the audience lifted the roof.
We certainly look forward to returning there again in the future. Stamford rocks!
Paul x

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