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Bits and pieces November 2014

Ok, well first I want to thank everyone for their continuous support for us and to all the new audience members during our 2014 shows.

You can see that there have been some slight changes and updates to the website, more noticeably in the gallery. More photos have been added from shows over the last year and a couple of older ones.

We are so thankful that Rick has joined us on drums and has played some blinding sets for us since he joined. Also not forgetting Mark Rogers who has played some memorable shows with us earlier this year. No doubt that Mark may still play the odd show with us when Rick is not available. 2014 has been of a comfort zone with the venues we have played.

2015 will however see us return to some of our favourite theatres and venues but also new locations where the demand for us is strong. We have been fortunate enough to have played the David Bowie convention in Derby and also the Bowienetters party in London this year. It’s been an honour to play these shows and we are very thankful for them asking us. I am also very happy and confident with how well the band has come back to strength after losing Mark on drums and Dan on keys. We still all keep in touch with each other at times and I know that they will do well with new ventures they choose to follow.

Now that most of the back catalogue of material is somewhere in the set lists, this now gives us the chance to include more new material in the sets.  More songs recently added have been “Rock n roll suicide” and “Be my wife” which I thoroughly enjoy performing. So hopefully some nice new surprises coming soon. Paul x

Bits and pieces July 2014

Well July is near the end and I can honestly say that the last few months having been exceedingly good for us. I know I should be posting here with updates of what’s been happening more often and can only apologise for not achieving what I intended to do. I do have tremendous respect for the likes of Paul Kinder who keeps up virtually on a daily basis with updates on Bowiewonderworld. I have met so many more fans of David Bowie in the last few months at various shows and especially the Derby convention and they really are wonderful. We made a welcome return to Huntingdon Hall theatre which was the first theatre we played a few years ago now which hopefully we will be playing again later 2015. I have noticed recently an influx of video footage of us at various venues on Facebook and Youtube and a couple of clips we like will be uploaded on the webpage soon along with updated photos and more news etc.

For whatever reason Lancashire has been really good for us with shows in Preston, Bolton and further across the west coast to Blackpool. The 53 Degrees show we played in 2013 stood out as one of my favourites and a return there in June this year confirmed for us that it really works for us. Unfortunately it looks like the venue will finish at the end of this year and turned into training class rooms due to the high costs to sustain it as a music venue which I am really sad about. Bolton, Moses gate was another great night for us. Our next visit to the West is not until Jan 2015 with a return show at the Citadel in St Helens. Paul x

Bits and pieces May 2014

The Touchline – Hullbridge, Essex

This was the first show with Mark Rogers on drums and must have to say played two excellent sets on the night. It was lovely to see Dave and Trudy again who work very hard in organising this event and we thank them very much for their  incredible hospitality. Also big thanks to Steve who also done an excellent sound mix on the night. We loved how the audience got up on their feet during the second part of the show and never sat back down. We thank everyone there  for making it a wonderful night for us.

David Bowie Convention – Derby

I’ve got to say that David Bowie hardcore fans are  the loveliest people I have met in all the time I have played live shows and this excellent convention never failed. I was really pleased when Jimster, who has been a long time follower of David, discussed with me in 2013  the idea of a convention in Derby. So when I got a call earlier this year asking for some free dates I knew that all was going as he had planned. Everyone who was on the bill gave wonderful performances, as I did try to catch most of it. We finished the night off to an amazing audience with Rick Cook on drums (his first show with us) and done us proud. As we approached the end, many from the other bands joined us on stage for a thunderous version of All The Young Dudes as a fitting tribute to David Priest who has recently left our world. I’m sure he would have been very proud of it and we all loved every minute  we were there. Also a big thanks to Paul Kinder from Bowie Wonderwolrd for the support he gave the event. It was a pleasure to be there amongst wonderful people.

Other bits

Earlier this year Mark Hatton gave us the sad news that he would be leaving the band, so we knew we had to spend quite a bit of time getting the right person who would be able to fit in perfectly with Aladdinsane. Luckily with Rick on board and Mark Rogers playing a few shows with us we are now in a situation where we can progress with new material and ideas. Although we have a very healthy repertiore of material I always like to work on something new and feel the time is now right. So hopefully in the shows later this year there will be some new ideas incorporated. We look forward to returning to the Huntingdon Hall theatre in Worcester on the 24th May and hopefully see some of you there.

Paul x

Bits and pieces March -April 2014

Legends Of Rock – Great Yarmouth

This was our third annual appearance at the Legends event. We had a fantastic night playing to a large audience along with BC Sweet and TooRex who also played on the Thursday night. This was certainly a great start to the year for us with plenty of lovely comments from the audience members we saw after the show. We played the Thursday night and I stayed over to see the performances that continued on the Friday with no disappointments and met some wonderfulpeople. It always amazes me with how far people will travel to attend these shows, which we are all very grateful for. Thanks to Eddie, Elaine and everyone there for making it a huge success and quite rightly deserves to be.

The Phoenix theatre – Blyth

It was great to return to the Phoenix theatre in Blyth again. The light show they put on for us really did us justice again. Some of you may already know that Mark our drummer who has been with us for the last eight years has now left to pursue other interests and played his last show in Blyth with us to a rapturous crowd, which was a great show to finish on. We sincerely wish him all the best in whatever direction he chooses and will be missed. Luckily we have found Rick Cook who will be doing most of the shows with us in the future along and with Mark Rogers who will also be filling in on a few shows during 2014. Both have  worked very hard in learning all the material for the shows. We are very sure that they willl do it justice when they start playing the shows with us.

Bits and pieces and a Happy New Year

Well 2013 is almost gone and I can say it has been quite an eventful year for us, with some wonderful memories of shows we have done this year. We are looking forward to 2014 and are currently filling the diary with more shows.  All details of these shows will be posted on the website at regular intervals.

We do hope to play many new venues all around the country in 2014 as well as returning to many of our favourite venues. We will be spending the first couple of months working purely on new material for inclusion in the shows and look forward to performing this live.

Obviously  one event that took everyone by suprise this year was David Bowie’s return with The Next Day, his first album release in 10 years! Pesonally,  I love the new material and can say that the special edition with bonus tracks is a must have. Many people have asked my thoughts as to whether I think David will perform live again. Of courseI would love to think that he might but I really don’t know, David has always been unpredictable and full of suprises.

With the huge success of the V&A exhibition and the new material I certainly feel that David has reached a new and younger audience who are becoming very inquisitve about the incredible back catalogue of work that is out there. I am very pleased for the success he has had this year and as a long time follower I wish David, Iman, Duncan and Lexi all the very best for the New Year.

As some of you are aware the band and myself do have a Twitter accounts but must admit that I do not seem to find the time to check on this. So if anyone has sent tweets to me or Aladdinsane  please do not think that we are ignoring you.  I will aim to spend more time on this next year.

On a final note, shortly there will be some updating done on our website including new photos and live footage. On behalf of Aladdinsane I would like to thank you all for the fantastic support you have given this year. We  wish you all a Happy New Year with good health and best wishes and look forward to seeing you in 2014.

Paul x

Bits and pieces Oct 2013

Well we have had a fantastic time performing shows all over and especially over the west of the country during 2013.

Firstly Mockfest in Manchester was a blast to play to 4000 in attendance and then more recently the Citadel in St Helens which we will be back again in early 2015 and also Moses Gate in Bolton. We are also looking forward to returning to the 53 Degrees in Preston June 2014.

As many of you are aware, Dan our keyboard player played his last show with us at Mockfest and is moving on to other projects. Dan has had a wonderful time with us and we keep in touch with each other on a regular basis and we wish him all the very best for the future.

Steve Beeston has now firmly found his place replacing Dan on keyboards and enjoying every moment of it.

We made a return to the Willow Festival in Peterborough on a lovely hot July summers evening to a rapturous crowd. This is the only show that we planned to play in our home town for 2013.

On Sept 13th the day before I escaped the country for a relaxing holiday, we made a return to the Corn Exchange theatre in Stamford. Once again the audience were fantastic. Thankyou to you all and must also say a big thanks to Steve and Jackie for travelling up for this show from Southend to do a wonderful job on the mixing desk.

Not forgetting to say a big thanks to everyone at the private bookings which we have done this year, including the Bowienetters Ball in London.

There are many of you asking when we will be playing venues close to where ever you live. For 2014 we aim to get to some new areas of the Country as well as returning to other areas. Many requests for the North east and South of England especially, which we are now trying to fulfill for next year.

Well, with the release of David’s album this year -The Next Day, we will soon be playing maybe a couple of tracks from it in some of our shows. I can’t say which ones yet, but Valentines Day and The Stars Are Out Tonight are strong possibilities. We would have already been playing new tracks prior but have spent alot of time rehearsing with Steve our new keyboard player on all the current material in our set, approx 35 tracks so far which I am really pleased to say has gone exceptionally well.

Looking forward to seeing you in the next two weeks at the Musician in Leicester and The Square in Harlow

Paul x

Huntingdon Hall, Worcester 20/04/2013


Great to return to Huntingdon Hall theatre again bringing back memories of the first time we stepped foot on stage there.

The audience were wonderful and it was a pleasure to play there again.

This is one of those theatres where we can really encourage the audience to get up and dance in the aisles and by the time of Lets Dance nearly everyone was on their feet.

Thanks to everyone there for making it another great night for us.


Bits and pieces


Not forgetting to mention the Legends of rock weekend in Great Yarmouth.

We played on the Thursday, the first of the 4 nights of classic rock tributes.

We were very impressed by the huge amount of people there on the first night giving their full support for us all. This was our second time there and was a fantastic experience again.

This time it was a full 90min Ziggy set finishing with the appropriate Rock n roll suicide with a rocked up audience giving their all. Big thanks to you all!

This is probably the only chance we get to stay in those big 6 berth caravans for the night and they really are quite plush and warm considering it was early March.

Got to also say a big thanks to Eddie, Elaine, Charlie and everyone else for welcoming us back there.


I am really looking forward and can’t wait to get to the V&A David Bowie exhibition (David Bowie is) as I have tickets for late June.

Speaking to people that have already been say it is a wonderful experience for them and is very well set out with some great memorabilia including costumes that David wore in the early 70’s during the Ziggy Stardust period. There’s also many other outfits throughout his career on show including the stylish Thin white duke outfit. I actually really like some of the long coats he wore during the Earthling period which I believe a couple of them are also there.

I will let you know my experience of it.


Mockfest in Manchester is coming up on May 4th and we will be performing a half hour set there. Good news is that it’s a sell-out and do have some great tributes performing there. We hope to catch a couple of the acts before we return back home.


Just out of curiosity, if any of you have any photos that you’ve taken during our shows, we would be very thankful if you could email them to us. If they are good quality then maybe we could add some on the website.


Paul x

The Sands, Blackpool and 53 Degrees, Preston

Great weekend away in early April for two shows in the Lancashire area

Firstly Fri 5th April – The Sands, Blackpool

This is a lovely venue in the centre of Blackpool, very plush looking and must say a big thanks to the management and staff for their wonderful hospitality.

We had previously been 2 years prior and were looking forward to playing there again.

Especially loved the pasta dish they gave us after sound check. See! I do eat even though I normally don’t like to before a show, but could not resist it.

Great to see familiar faces there on the night. Thanks to you all for a great night.


Sat 6th April – 53 Degrees, Preston

This is a true live rock venue and very popular with artists and bands that are up and coming as well as the established artists and bands on the regular circuit.

As soon as we hit the stage with the Ziggy set the atmosphere was electric with everyone as close as they could get to us and this lasted right through the second set, with the audience singing back all the words especially to Ashes to ashes, Lets Dance, Heroes and any others they knew the words to.

Three encores later and everyone still wanted more which was quite a humbling experience.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support and making it a very memorable night and also must say a big thanks to Joff, Emily and all the


Bits and pieces

Great start to 2013 with a rapturous audience at the Cliffs Pavilion Sat 02nd Mar. Many thanks to everyone for making it a special night. Also big thanks to Steve and Jackie for the excellent tech side and hospitality.

As some of you already know we are playing at the famous Legends Of Rock event in Gt Yarmouth on Mar 07th. This will give us a chance to play a full 90 min set from the Ziggy Stardust era, as alot of our shows start with a 50 min set from the Ziggy period and then move on through David Bowie's career. We are all really looking forward to returning again.

Many of you are asking about when will be coming to play shows in other towns and cities where we have not yet played yet. We are trying to cover as much ground as possible now and also returning to venues where we have played before. So we hope to be somewhere close by to many of you this year.

Exciting news about the new David Bowie album "The Next Day" which I have been listening to on Itunes over the last few days.I am really pleased for David, as this is a truly excellent album. It is too early for me to say what songs I like best as I'm enjoying listening to all the tracks.

Best wishes


Towngate Theatre – Mirren Studio, Basildon 30/06/2012


We had a really great turn out for this show and did not take long to for the audience to let their hair down. Gotta say a big thanks to Steve and Jackie for their wonderful hospitality as always. It will certainly be a night to remember and the audience were fantastic to say the least.

I don’t know what it is about Essex but we have had some wonderful shows around the county and hope that it continues. The main thing that will stay with me for this particular show was the audience reaction when we came back on stage for an encore of Space Oddity. This was followed by another encore favourite Rebel Rebel, with I think nearly everyone off their seats and some rushing down to the front.

Many thanks to all of you for making another great night for us to remember

Best wishes