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Bits and pieces November 2014

Ok, well first I want to thank everyone for their continuous support for us and to all the new audience members during our 2014 shows.

You can see that there have been some slight changes and updates to the website, more noticeably in the gallery. More photos have been added from shows over the last year and a couple of older ones.

We are so thankful that Rick has joined us on drums and has played some blinding sets for us since he joined. Also not forgetting Mark Rogers who has played some memorable shows with us earlier this year. No doubt that Mark may still play the odd show with us when Rick is not available. 2014 has been of a comfort zone with the venues we have played.

2015 will however see us return to some of our favourite theatres and venues but also new locations where the demand for us is strong. We have been fortunate enough to have played the David Bowie convention in Derby and also the Bowienetters party in London this year. It’s been an honour to play these shows and we are very thankful for them asking us. I am also very happy and confident with how well the band has come back to strength after losing Mark on drums and Dan on keys. We still all keep in touch with each other at times and I know that they will do well with new ventures they choose to follow.

Now that most of the back catalogue of material is somewhere in the set lists, this now gives us the chance to include more new material in the sets.  More songs recently added have been “Rock n roll suicide” and “Be my wife” which I thoroughly enjoy performing. So hopefully some nice new surprises coming soon. Paul x

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