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The Sands, Blackpool and 53 Degrees, Preston

Great weekend away in early April for two shows in the Lancashire area

Firstly Fri 5th April – The Sands, Blackpool

This is a lovely venue in the centre of Blackpool, very plush looking and must say a big thanks to the management and staff for their wonderful hospitality.

We had previously been 2 years prior and were looking forward to playing there again.

Especially loved the pasta dish they gave us after sound check. See! I do eat even though I normally don’t like to before a show, but could not resist it.

Great to see familiar faces there on the night. Thanks to you all for a great night.


Sat 6th April – 53 Degrees, Preston

This is a true live rock venue and very popular with artists and bands that are up and coming as well as the established artists and bands on the regular circuit.

As soon as we hit the stage with the Ziggy set the atmosphere was electric with everyone as close as they could get to us and this lasted right through the second set, with the audience singing back all the words especially to Ashes to ashes, Lets Dance, Heroes and any others they knew the words to.

Three encores later and everyone still wanted more which was quite a humbling experience.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support and making it a very memorable night and also must say a big thanks to Joff, Emily and all the


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